Master's Dissertation in English Literature. A Practical Guidebook

Wiesław Krajka

Okładka: Master's Dissertation in English Literature. A Practical Guidebook

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Very original and well-aimed conception of this comprehensive publication has to be greatly appreciated. The author’s superb argument is precisely documented with numerous well selected examples from Master’s Dissertations conducted in his graduate seminars. The book is comprised of the Author’s multiple observations and reflections pertaining to the general design of the Master’s Dissertation in English literature and to solving and overcoming specific problems and difficulties encountered in the process of its completion. It is a part of contemporary discussions concerning Master’s Dissertations at Polish universities. The content of the chapters is organized by aspects and corresponds to their titles. This illuminating book is of great educational value. The author is excellently acquainted with the field of knowledge and his deliberations are very well substantiated. It has to be valued that the book is written in communicative and clear language and that its text is logical and well structured. The detailed argument includes thorough, intricate, solid and in-depth research, reconstructions, analyses and interpretations. This book may be certainly recommended to members of graduate and doctoral seminars in English literature. It offers a most interesting, high level and truly innovatory treatment of Master’s Dissertation in English literature.

From the review by Dr. hab Brygida Pudełko, Associate Professor at University of Opole

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