Bonds as the Source of Housing Developers Financing

Elżbieta Bukalska, Ilona Skibińska-Fabrowska

Okładka: Bonds as the Source of Housing Developers Financing

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A number of books have already appeared on the Polish publishing market, in which they refer to financing the activities of enterprises (entire books or their individual chapters are devoted to this issue). The reviewed book, however, presents an interesting outlook on the problem of financing enterprises involved in the construction of housing from several perspectives, i.e. the real estate market, financial market, developer companies and households. The combination of elements from various fields – law, engineering, economics, accounting, as well as theoretical and practical layers makes the work unique and interesting even for readers who do not deal with mentioned issues on a daily basis. The special appreciation shall be shown to the authors for gathering extensive numerical material for the purposes of this book. It is presented in an organised manner in the form of tables and charts. Summarising, the reviewed book will be an academic work, both in terms of its content and form. It is a book that can be successfully used in the didactic and scientific process as an academic textbook on issues from the field of corporate finance, capital market or real estate. It can also be a very interesting source of information for people responsible for the finance of development companies. It is a comprehensive study on the role of bonds in financing housing developers. With the above in mind, I believe that the reviewed book is valuable especially in terms of cognitive and didactic aspects.

A fragment of a review by Marta Kluzek, Ph.D., PUEB Associate Professor

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