Topical Issues of Future Teachers Training in Ukraine

red. Mariya Chepil, Oresta Karpenko, Joanna Konashewska

Okładka: Topical Issues of Future Teachers Training in Ukraine

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The principal tasks of pedagogues are the democratization and humanization of educational process; the introduction of innovations, alternative forms of studying; providing the professional self-realization of future teacher, the formation of his qualification level, attraction to independent activity, the development of creative skills by means of theoretical projects elaboration, unlocking creativity, defining personal position; the revival of scholar, students` scientific circles, etc. The organization of teachers training in higher pedagogical institutions of Ukraine remains an open problem. That`s why the researchers` adverting to various aspects of teachers training in higher educational institutions will give an opportunity to estimate the pedagogical science acquisitions in a new way, use them for the formation and improvement of new educational technologies. All these aspects with different intensity are represented in the collection of scientific articles "Topical Issues of Future Teachers Training in Ukraine".

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