Understanding the Man - Understanding the World

red. Ryszard Bera, Grażyna E. Kwiatkowska

Okładka: Understanding the Man - Understanding the World

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The development of civilization and globalization processes have on one hand contributed to the improvement of the quality of life of a modern man, and on the other, feced him with a number of risks that must be coped with. Reality forces the individual to seek other, better and more effective strategies, to adapt to a changing environment. The article falls within the scope of this discussion about the condition and functioning of modern man and various aspects of human activity. It touches upon the number of problems essential to human functioning in individual, social, and global dimensions. Special care was given to such issues as existencial problems, functioning in the cultural area, the role of sexuality, (physical and mental) health issues and diseases. The work also widely discusses the issues related to functioning of a man in various areas of activity: social, educational and professional. The emphasis was put on a great role of communication - information technologies in the development and functioning of man, indicating not only the fast development of this sphere of life, but also the dangers it poses to a modern man.

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